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Choa is a female oriented mobile app
built to help under-privileged women

 How Social Pressure is impacting Women’s Career

There was a time in history when women were expected to give birth and run the household. Now, women are viewed as equal as male counterparts. The progress and achievements are very really incredible and it’s amazing to see how the society changed in just few short decades. Today, female share of the global workforce is 45.4%. While women have made significant progress, unfortunately there is still plenty of discrimination and society expectations exist. In our country context, women should be feminine. Here the term feminine refers that as a woman, she should be soft, she should be dependent on male (her father/brother/husband) no matter how successful career she has. Women are the caretakers of their children or elderly people. Even when a woman is not a mother, the society inspire her to babysit and encourage her to take jobs that are related to care-taking. To fulfill the society’s requirements, many women sacrifice their dream jobs. Being feminine is not an issue in itself, actually it’s the view of society itself. All of those so called female performances have in not unusual is that these expectancies make a contribution to ladies’s disempowerment on a society-wide scale.

Our Users


Through the app you can contact doctors and get consultations free of cost

Legal Advisors

All sorts of help including mental health is also offered through the app


The purpose of building this app was to provide women in need with healthcare and to protect them from violence and harassment.

Charity Services The App Provides


Women’s Mental Health


Women’s Puberty


Women’s Adolescence


Women’s Skin Problem


Women’s Emergency Violence & Harassment Problem

App Features

We launch with the latest Android version and
soon we plan on going cross-platform.


The app supports both Bengali and English.


Built using the latest development tools and hosted on the best server.


Login and registration with mobile number and OTP.


Get expert medical advice from specialist doctors from the comfort of your home. Issues related to women’s physical and mental health is addressed by a team of medical professionals on Choa App.


It is time for women to take the lead in every aspect of their lives. Choa is here to support women in their journey of empowerment. Connect with other women and raise your voice against injustice.

Informative Articles

Choa makes it easier for women to find the right information on any issues they come across. Informative articles on Choa App provide women with guidance and support.

Video and Live Streams

Renowned doctors, legal advisors and counsellors will appear live on Choa App to directly interact with our users and listen to their problems.
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Choa is completely free to download.

You can download Choa from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Choa is a female-oriented app and, therefore, access is only restricted to women.

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